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Chair Massage
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News Station/Talk Show
TV/Film Studios
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Media Office


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Schedule 2,4,6 or 8 HOURS

 • Choose how many participants receive the service and for how long.
(ex. 4hr Booking for: 4x-1hr sessions / 8x-30min sessions / 16x-15min sessions) 

• Add additional therapists as desired.
(Booking includes 1-Massage Therapist. Additional therapist incurs extra cost)

• Chair or Table Massage Station can be provided at your desire.


Great for:
 Small business offices, large corporations, rehab facilities, music & dance studiosfilm/tv studios (Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros, Disney, or Universal), news studios (NBC, ABC, KTLA, CBS, or Telemundo),  and streaming studios (Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon).

Service for businesses

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