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(Events sponsorship through Resources & Expertise)

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• Venue (Indoors & Outdoor)
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• Food & Beverage/Catering
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Connecting together feels SO GOOD.
Big, small or independent, have a blast with us by joining our group of sponsors for one of a kind ABR Massage Co. events; Date Nytes, Glamping Weekends, Yacht Cruise Parties, Wellness Retreats, etc, all incorporating uniquely designed health and wellness experiences.

(Events Sponsorship through Financial Support)

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Want to help forward exciting one-of-a-kind wellness experiences? 

Donations like yours go a long way.

We believe good mental health and living has a lot to do with experiences we have in life. Through fun and lively activities, ABR Massage Company brings together couples, families, friends and communities of people who heartedly seek ways to mentally, emotionally, and physically enjoy life together.

Join our community of generously financial donors and help us continue designing unique, health and wellness experiences that increase love for life, each other and mental health.

Thank you for helping create health and wellness experiences that bring lives, homes, and communities together.
Donations to
ABR MASSAGE CO™ for these events do not qualify as a tax deduction and therefore no end of year tax document will be provided. 

(The Traussage Initiative)

[:/Trauma-Massage | Massage Therapy for Trauma Survivors]

Through the years of providing massage therapy to athletes, corporate executives, celebrities, teachers, first responders, travelers, and much more, one group of people who touched the inner most beat of my heart, are those in mental health recovery facilities; of which, stories I can not repeat.

During these services, I learned how resilient the human heart and spirit can be, and that where hope is, so is life. I made a conscience decision in those moments to give of myself, my skills, time and heart, to help provide hope & 
life, along with the peaceful, wellness touch that our healthcare system seem to be sleeping on, massage therapy for trauma survivors, or as I simply call it, "traussage."
I feel I could do more. We could do more. We don't have to leave it up to the government or even insurance companies. With your generous donations, we can and will offer and provide a much needed, ongoing, no cost to the client, wellness health break, that elevates healing, hope and life, to
trauma survivors from all walks of life, without judgement or insurance red-tape.


Generous donations from sponsors like you will help us make Traussage an ongoing, mental-health supplemented service.

Podium with Hearts and Balls

Thank you for being a hope to others and gifting health and wellness to trauma survivors.
Donations to
ABR MASSAGE CO™ for this initiative does not qualify as a tax deduction and therefore no end of year tax document will be provided. 

Non-Profit Charities

Your tax deductible donations* to either of these two organizations help bring a bit of joy, peace, and hope to lives that need it the most.

  • Mercy Ships (providing life changing surgeries) & 

  • Children's Hunger Fund (providing the hungry meals and hope)


Both extend absolutely free, life-sustaining services

to needing children and families

around the world.

ABR MASSAGE CO™ is not an affiliate of either Mercy Ships© or Children's Hunger Fund©.  Information and services of the two charity organizations are solely provided by each organization respectively.
We do not receive any moneys for, nor from, these organizations and does not keep record of any client's free-will donations made to or support given to either organization.
All inquiries, including that of tax deductions, must be made to each respective charity organization. Thank you for being a hope to others and gifting health and wellness around the world.

 Mercy Ships 

mercy ships nonprofit hospital logo with name

A state-of-the-art floating hospital providing life saving surgical care to regions where clean water, electricity, medical facilities and personnel is limited or nonexistent. 

 Children's Hunger Fund 

We’ve distributed life saving food and aid to over 300 million children around the world. And we're just getting started. Here's how you can get involved.

children's hunger fund heart in a box of food logo with name CHF
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