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FAQ's & Policies



- What's Staying The Same? -

- What's New or Being Added? -

Health Practice Icon - Service pledge - image by Remi A.

Excellence In Service

From the inception of Alafia by Remi, highest quality of service and massage experience has been my goal.

You can rest confidently that the same stellar service will continue to be given by me and all Alafia staff family. 

fresh luxury linen and towels - image by Remi A.


With every session, there are new sheets and towels used for you - That is just our simple standard. 

You will continue to rest on fresh, for-you-only, linen, so you can escape in peace.


proper hand washing techniques - image by Remi A.
comfortable deluxe massage bed - image by Remi A.


healthly disinfecting practice - image by Remi A.

Before-and-After each massage session, the massage table is sanitized. This allows for the utmost care of all our clients, and that is why it has always and will continue to be a standard practice of Alafia.

The thorough washing of the hands is a standard practice of Alafia Therapist. It is not only sanitary, but it allows for the therapist to fully transition their mind  and body to serving you alone.

Not only are the hands washed, the arms, up to the elbows are also fully cleansed.

In our efforts to continue providing you with an pampered escape from the everyday, we want to also ensure both you and our Alafia Staff Family remain in good health. 

Please take a look at the 3 new procedures added to all of our services to care for you.

questionaire clipboard - image by Remi A.

Health Questions

During your booking process, you will notice 3 new questions that every customer must complete.They are covid-related health questions that helps to ensure your and our safety and continued wellbeing. We do this because we care. Thank you for your understanding.

touchless thermometer - temperature reader - image by Remi A.

Temperature      Reading

Face Masks

face mask - image by Remi A.

When answering the door for your therapist, please make sure you are wearing a face mask. You will be able to remove it when appropriate.


Your therapist will be wearing his/her mask, which will remain on for the duration of your session, until deemed appropriate to be removed. 

Upon your therapists arrival at your home, office, or onsite location, s/he will scan your forehead (with a touchless thermometer), to ensure there is no sign of feverish temperature. This will take just a few seconds.


- What' Should I Expect For My Session? -

- I Still have some questions. -

- The Process -

- Other Questions You Might Have -

  • Before Your Therapist Arrives

  • How Old must I be to receive service?

In order to take full advantage of your session time, please ensure:


1. PETS - all pets are put away before the therapists arrival. (Pets may include but are not limited to, dogs, cats, uncaged birds, snakes and other reptiles, hamsters (and like animals), arachnids, etc.

2. LOCATION - designate and clean around location you would like your massage therapist to set up. A clean (may be even secluded) area, will serve you the most.

3. NOISE - all (if possible) t.v's and radios and gadgets producing amplified noise in the area are either turned off or volume brought to a minimum. 

  • The Set Up

Your therapist will arrive at your appointed location 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Please guide him to where you would like him to set up, whether in the house, on the balcony, porch, poolside, gazebo, backyard, portion of office, etc.

After set up, your therapist will invite you to disrobe and lay on the table.

  • What Should I Wear?

Everything in this escape experience is for and about you. Please feel free to disrobe to your comfort level and lay face-down underneath the top covering your therapist has placed on the massage table. Your therapist will uncover areas to be worked on as the session progresses.

  • During Your Session

Your therapist will ask you some preliminary questions to gauge your basic health and any likes and dislikes you may have concerning massage.

It's now time to relax and enjoy your soothing escape to a world of your greatest desires. 

(Though common to feel like you are in heaven during this time, please realize your therapist is only a man/woman, not celestial. And oh, They'll probably say 'no' to any marriage proposals; please don't ask.)

  • After Your Session

Once your session has concluded, your therapist will gently bring you back into our present light. (Some may have even fallen asleep) 

Move with care, not hastily.

You may now step into another room to redress as your therapist packs ups.

Before your therapist leaves, it's always good to:
1. Book your follow-up session.
2. Give him/her the trifecta of high compliment
(shown below)

Services are typically rendered to customers 18 years and above.


However, of recent, many parents have decided to start booking 30 (sometimes 60) minute stress-relief sessions for their kids, in order to help them increase their mental health through this time of quarantined-isolation and now return to school. 

* If you wish to book a child under 18yo, please know that an adult/guardian 25+ years must be present throughout the session.

  • Do you only meet clients at their homes?

Though a great number of clients choose to have their sessions in the privacy of their home, an Alafia Therapist can meet you for your session almost anywhere within a 55 mile radius from Southern-California zip code 91413. Extra fee outside area.


Examples include:

* Business Office

* Hotel

* Beach Sites

* Lake House/ Rental Home/ AirBnB/ CrashPads

* Campsites

* School Lounge

* Clinic/Care Facility

  • How can I buy a Gift Card?

Purchasing a gift card is quick, easy and a great way to tell a friend, loved one, or coworker, that you love them and are thinking of them.  (You can even win over that hater next door always giving you the side-eye or death-stare, won't say hello or intentionally plays loud music at 1:00 in the morning.)

Just click here to purchase.

Or ask your therapist to help you do it before s/he walks out that door.

  • What other services can I take advantage of?

Other services that will allow you to engage and benefit in the full Alafia Experience are listed below.

With some service, you can even become the hero to a school of teachers or clinic of nurses.

See which one is right for you and click on the links to guide you there for more information and purchase.

ABR Massage Co Packages
365-day Exclusive, Weekly & Monthly Packages

ABR Events
Popup & Special Events

Lounge wear, Robes, Slippers, Hoodies & more

Apartments, Hotels, Schools Zero Cost Benefits

Charitable Donates &/or Community Philanthropy

Join The Team

  • Are Tips Accepted?

Yes. In fact, the trifecta of high compliment is:

1. Tipping for great service rendered

2. Referring a friend/family or colleague 

3. Leaving a 5-STAR raving review

Google Review

It's quick, easy and can all be done right from your phone.

  • What is your Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy?

We understand situations arise that may create a need to cancel or reschedule. Because we would want to give you the best possible service at your opportune time, we hope you favor rescheduling over canceling. 

If you must cancel or reschedule, please do so in due time in order to allow someone else the opportunity of booking that time spot.

Please click here to take a look at our cancellation and rescheduling policy.

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