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nature meditation under a beautiful waterfall

Clients of Alafia are usually active and busy professionals.


They are the - 

ADVENTURERS out enjoying nature; beaching, camping, hiking, kayaking, climbing, playing sports, biking. 

BUSINESS OWNERS starting from the ground up, fighting for their American Dream and their family's future.

EXECUTIVES managing corporations to ensure her success and the profitable careers of her employees.

MEDICAL STAFF tirelessly giving of themselves to care of the sick and injured, helping them to become better.

PSYCHIATRISTS AND PASTORS providing counsel to heal and strengthen minds, hearts and spirits.

SCIENTISTS curiously and endlessly researching breakthrough possibilities to ensure continued good health.

ENTERTAINERS, DIRECTORS & PRODUCERS who move our minds and hearts and provide us the joy of entertainment. 

LAW ENFORCEMENT & MILITARY PERSONNEL physically and mentally facing danger in order to secure peace.

PARENTS devoted to raising future leaders whom in the present need all their attention and love to daily excel.

THEY ARE YOU.  Honorable.  Selfless.  Smart and Wise.  Forward Thinkers.  Builders.  And Super Busy. 


There's no need to leave your home, fight more traffic or be overwhelmed by external health concerns. 

Your escape from the day, peace of mind and reinvigoration of body, can now be right in your own home, by someone who understands your desire for pampered, in-home, soothing, relaxation.


— Kendra L. (Law Enforcement)

Remi is a consummate professional
with attention to my concerns and comfort.
I was able to relax and release a significant amount of tension. I even fell asleep and was very rejuvenated
when the session was over.
I look forward to returning again soon. Peace.

smiling local massage therapist in los angeles and ventura county california
Hey! I'm Remi.
When previous employers would ask,

"How can we make your work experience

more satisfying and fulfilling?,"

I would jokingly-seriously respond,

"Hire a massage therapist for the office."


Well, first I would say,

"Give me an all expense paid trip to Maui (or any island),"

but you probably know how that ended.. yes, in laughter.


But I was serious about the massage therapist part - it only made practical and profitable business sense to me.


So, when I left the corporate environment to raise my son,

I decided to start my own practice and help provide what I desired from my employers. So, you're welcome. ;)

But why limit it to just offices?  Great question.  I don't.  Majority of my clients in fact request me in their home.

And as an avid outdoors adventurer, I take my services into nature as well. 

Wait, what?!

Yes. Nature. Beaches, Campsites, Cabins, Yachts, Rooftops...

Well, those last two aren't fully nature but they're fun.


So I guess you could call me, Remi - The Massage Escape Guy.

Bring a world
of peace to you. . .
Right where you are.

As a 100% mobile business in the Southern California area,

and serving most Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County cities,

I am able to serve you when it is most convenient for you.


*Travel outside Alafia's 55-mile office radius from zip code 91413,

is possible and incurs additional fees. This is separate from any gratuity.


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