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starry night in nature with man star gazing - pic by Greg Rakozy

My Weekend Wine Down

Wine Cheers


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Escape From It All 


Your Weekend Escape Events
Mexican food tacos with cilantro
Red Wine for wine lovers who enjoy wine tasting and wine clubs
paint brushes with bold colors - pic by Yannis Papanastasopoulos
tropical massage at vacation destination
Fitness yoga pilates stretch - pic by sippakorn yamkasikorn
Dancing during a festival or carnival
0    Massage under the stars & radiant moon
0    Wine
0    Breakfast 
0    Dinner
0    Paint Party
0    Yoga/Pilates/Breathing Exerecise
0    Swimming
0    Music
0    Dancing
0    Bonfire
0    Camping
Image by Greg Rakozy
tent camping under the stars in open outdoors forest - pic by Cameron Vaughan
diving off deck and swimming in open beach and lake - pic by Angelo Pantazis
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