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Welcome to the group!

This is the mother page for the rapidly growing group by the same name: "Hey Let's Do Something."

This group was created in order to share some fun activities and adventures I and sometimes, my son, are doing.

I believe heavily in and have always been an advocate for good work-life-balance.

Join me (us) and let's build even more community connectivity. Maybe you’ll even pitch in and make it a one-stop, meetup, adventurestravaganza.

Here's to many fun gatherings and of course, safety.


To bring the community together with eclectic, fun and maybe silly or challenging activities.


Often time I want to do something or meet new people, I have to go scavenging for particular groups.

That’s ok but sometimes, what I want may not even be in those groups or may not be going on.

So, here I am. Here you are. Here we are. Just some cool people looking for a vast way to connect and have fun.

Your friends could probably be here too. Did you invite them yet?


Anybody and everybody who feels like they are somebody and want to meet other-bodies doing a variety of things that bodies can do.

WHAT (Activities):

What will I be doing? What will we be doing?

It’s totally up to what you feel like joining.

I’m just going to through them up and you join whatever.

- - - - -

• Camping • Multi-Cultural Potluck

• Hiking • Community Service

• Beach Day • Local Business Sponsorship

• Park Play • Business Mixer

• Karaoke • Flag Football

• Bowling • Kickball

• Morning Jogs • Other Sports

• Art Gallery • Social Dancing

• Clubbing • Acting & Filming

• Bar Night • Musical Jam Session

• Brunch • Talent Show

• Workout • Bike, Skate, Scoot

•Archery •Horseback Riding

•Ballooning •Paint Party

I told you... ECLECTIC! Yeah! I think you get the gist.

AND YES... there will be kids & family friendly activities too. WHAAAT?! That’s right. 🤘🏾😉




If any event is going to cost a member to pay a venue or pitch in to the group or pay me, cost per person and/or family should be clearly displayed.

2. Strict NO profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, demoralizing, belittling and/or discriminating rule applies to ALL posts, responses and how you treat others at events.

*As adults, please conduct yourselves wisely.

*I, Remi, Alafia by Remi, nor any of it's associates, partners, employees, or hosts are responsible for your actions and/or incidents through this communication medium or at any events which you choose to participate in.

3. Absolutely NO dropping into member’s DM/Mailbox to pitch your business.

(Opportunity Events & A Business-Board will be posted in order to promote your business and/or to support each other.)

*Talking about your business at any event is ok of course, if that’s what you want/have to talk about I guess.

4. NO date hunting/stalking.

*If 2 people spark interest & exchange contact information, IRL, then go for it; who am I to stop love? 😉


If you are a business and would like to sponsor this group in doing an event/activity (ex. Coach a free soccer/basketball/yoga/dance class for a day / Free/Discounted introductory Archery/Horseback Riding Lesson, Food Truck Day, Bowling Night, Beach-House Rental, Yacht Party, whatever...), inbox me please and I’ll see how we can set something up.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


My name is Zechariah Remi Adeniji.

I go by Remi, but to some, Zechariah.

I’m easy to find on social.

•Single Father - (bi-racial 11yo boy)

•Nigerian - internationally minded

•Massage Company Owner @ Alafia by Remi™

•Event Organizer for My Weekend Wine Down©

•Author: “IDK. Just Thinking Out Loud”



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  • August 7, 2020


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