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 Donate to the

"Heroes of SoCal Wellness Fund by Alafia"

  • Nurses/Doctors

  • Fire Fighters/ Military/ Police

  • Teachers/Pastors​

Safer at home


for our

Local Heroes

You make it possible.

Your $10, $20, $50+ donation adds towards much needed, safer at home wellness massage for our local heroes.

First Responder - Nurses.jpeg
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Here are two great non-profits I learned of that could use someone like you: 

  • Mercy Ships (providing life changing surgeries) & 

  • Children's Hunger Fund (providing meals and hope)


Both extend absolutely free, life-sustaining services

to needing children and families

around the world.

Let's join together in "Gifting Peace(Alafia)"

by connecting with either of these two charities and

helping bring a bit of joy, peace and hope to someone's life.

 Mercy Ships 

mercy ships nonprofit hospital logo with name

A state-of-the-art floating hospital providing life saving surgical care to regions where clean water, electricity, medical facilities and personnel is limited or nonexistent. 

 Children's Hunger Fund 

We’ve distributed life saving food and aid to over 300 million children around the world. And we're just getting started. Here's how you can get involved.

children's hunger fund heart in a box of food logo with name CHF

AlafiabyRemi© is not an affiliate of either Mercy Ships© or Children's Hunger Fund©.  Information and services of the two charity organizations are solely provided by each organization respectively.

AlafiabyRemi does not receive any moneys for, nor from, these organizations and does not keep record of any client's free-will donations made to or support given to either organization.

All inquiries, including that of tax deductions, must be made to each respective charity organization. Thank you for being a hope to others and "Gifting Alafia" around the world.

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